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August 23 - September 18, 2005
MOCA Studio Tour & Preview Exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Colorado

My new painting is going be shown in the MOCA Studio Tour Preview Exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Colorado. Here is the information about MOCA Studio Tour, Preview Exhibition and the reception:

MOCA Studio Tour Dates and Events

What is MOCA Studio Tour?
The MOCA Studio Tour is a public, self-guided tour of private artists' studios.The MOCA produces a Studio Tour guidebook that has a photograph of each artist's work with a short description and directions to their studios along with a map. Purchase of the Studio Tour Guidebook is required to visit the studios during the weekend of September 17 and 18, 2005.

Artists share information about their work and their creative process with the "tourists" by presenting a demonstration of their work or a work-in-process and by inviting the public into their private work-space. Artwork may be available for sale to the public during the tour, depending on arrangements made with the artists' gallery representatives.

The Guidebooks include entry for 2 adults and sell for $15 each. Children under 18 are free. Tour Guidebooks available for sale now at the MOCA and various other locations in Fort Collins and Loveland.

For more detailed information, please visit the following website: www.fcmoca.org