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May 26, 2006
You are invited to the grand opening reception for “Colorado's First Women's Gallery”

Sarasvati Fine Arts Gallery in Loveland, Colorado, has opened on the concept of promoting Colorado women and their art. This is a unique concept in Colorado's galleries in that it is a gallery that supports and celebrates the diversity and creativity of women artists. 

Sarasvati Fine Arts Gallery will focus on the talents and creativity of Colorado women and support Loveland's already thriving arts community. The gallery, Sarasvati, is named for the India goddess of knowledge and wisdom and is located at 121 East Fifth Street, in Loveland, Colorado.

Please contact the gallery at 1-970-669-2171 for more information.

Area artists represented by Sarasvati Fine Arts Gallery are Betty Cummings, Lorri Acott-Fowler, Vered Galor, Marsha Krygier, Janet Larsen, Shaine Lewthwaite , Mary Ann Martin, Marie Massey, Kumiko McKee, Barbara Moore, Karla Nolan, Dorothy Northrup, Susan Pierce, Deborah Russell, Carol Schinkel, Sue Schucter, Julie Shrader, Rhonda Stone, Hanlie Wessels and Ellen Woodbuy.