Carnival Mask (MOCA's "Faces in the Crowd 2004") - Statement

A variety of masks exist in this world and are made for various uses such as theatrical masks, ritual masks, carnival masks, etc. These masks are very mysterious looking and fascinating to me. I especially like carnival masks. When I traveled to Venice, Italy, I saw a variety of Venetian masks for use at the carnival and became interested in them. I wanted to create a typical type of carnival mask similar to those found in Venice, but using my own style while creating a mask fun to look at. A use of patterns with bright colors and gold characterizes my style. The face is wearing a colorful mask with a bewitching smile. These elements on the mask create sort of a carnival atmosphere. This is my carnival mask and I hope my mask will tempt the viewer's eyes and treat people to a carnival mood.

Kumiko S. McKee

About Faces in the Crowd:
"Faces in the Crowd" is fundraising event for art education programs of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), which is a community based mask project. Each mask is made from low-fire clay that has been bisque fired. Clay masks are distributed to artists and community personalities - and the occasional celebrity - to be painted or decorated in any way they choose. The masks will be on display at MOCA for approximately two months for bidding and appreciation. Faces in the Crowd will culminate with a Gala Celebration of the mask collection where the selected masks will be available for final purchase through a silent and live auction.

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