The Mask (MOCA's "Masks At MOCA 2006") - Statement


This is my third year to participate in "Masks At MOCA". Being a painter, I wanted to play with the dimensional quality of painting with this year's mask. Since the mask itself is a three-dimensional object, I wanted the painted image to also have the illusion of three-dimensional depth. The mask is "wearing" a mask painted using colorful geometric elements with a two-dimensional quality. However, the eye openings are rendered in a realistic manner giving them a three-dimensional quality. The combination of two- and three-dimension contrasts each other creating the illusion of depth.

Kumiko S. McKee

About Masks At MOCA:
"Masks At MOCA" is fundraising event for art education programs of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), which is a community based mask project. Each mask is made from low-fire clay that has been bisque fired. Clay masks are distributed to artists and community personalities - and the occasional celebrity - to be painted or decorated in any way they choose. The masks will be on display at MOCA for approximately one month for bidding and appreciation. Masks At MOCA will culminate with a Gala Celebration of the mask collection where the selected masks will be available for final purchase through a silent and live auction.

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