The Face (MOCA's "Masks At MOCA 2007") - Statement


Normally, my approach has been to take the original mask and create the illusion of a completely different mask through painting. For this year’s mask, however, I chose my favorite subject to paint—the female “Face”. I painted in a stylized, realistic manner without distorting the original shape of the mask except for the lips. Here I sanded off the existing lips since I prefer larger, fatter lips. This image was created from my imagination and idealized without the aid of models or photos.

Kumiko S. McKee

About Masks At MOCA:
Masks At MOCA is a fundraising event for art education programs of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), which is a community based mask project. Each mask is made from low-fire clay that has been bisque fired. Clay masks are distributed to artists and community personalities - and the occasional celebrity - to be painted or decorated in any way they choose. The masks will be on display at MOCA for approximately a month for bidding and appreciation. The Gala masks that have been selected for corporate sponsorship will be taken to the Gala Celebration where the masks will be available for final purchase through a silent and live auction.

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