February 18, 2000

The Branding Iron, Volume 102, Issue 72 - “Blazing Saddles” (Page 10)
Images of Humans and Nature combined in Exhibition
By Lark Rambo BI Correspondent

 Influenced by international travel, her Japanese upbringing and her move to Laramie, Kumiko McKee, a junior in art, has brought her unique blend of nature and human images to Gallery 234 in the Wyoming Union.

McKee, originally from Tokyo, Japan, moved to Laramie five years ago with her husband. While in Japan, McKee attended school at local university, but said she was extremely discouraged by her professors. Discouraged, she quit painting and started to travel.

For 15 months from 1990 to 1991, McKee traveled through 26 countries absorbing their culture and art. When her travels concluded, she moved to Laramie and started painting again.

“My [UW] teachers have really encouraged and influenced my art,” she said.

McKee’s current exhibition, Time on the Earth, is based on nature, human images and change. The walls in the gallery are covered with a variety of human image paintings. The rest of the gallery is filled with detailed ceramic pieces.

“All creation, include humans, are beautiful. I am particularly interested in humans as subjects in my art,” she said.

According to McKee, the four painting piece “Time on the Earth” is her most conceptual piece of artwork.

“I used two different female figures to represent time ...[one] is typical for females living in the classical period... [the other] represents a style existing only today,” McKee said.

The two landscape paintings between the females also represent change, according to McKee.

“I want the viewer to come to their own conclusions, and create their own narrative based on my paintings,” McKee said.

“Time on the Earth” opened on Valentine’s Day and will continue until Feb. 25. A reception will be held Friday, Feb. 18 from 6 to 8 p.m.


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