September 13, 2005

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Unity Center receives paintings from Bayoc, McKee
By Lauren Mesale ’06, Staff Writer

Two original paintings by well-known artists Cbabi Bayoc and Kumiko McKee were recently donated to the College. Both are now on display in the Unity Center, located in the lower level of the Donovan Dining Center.


Kumiko McKee was born in Japan and has lived in the United States since 1994. As a child, she enjoyed drawing female portraits. She became interested in oil painting after trying it for the first time at age 16.

Here 28” x 48” framed painting, Akashi Lady, completed in 2002, is part of a sub series called the Tale of Genji, and is based on Japanese culture. The Akashi Lady is a concubine of Genji.

McKee uses symbolic elements from the story in the background of the painting, combining two and three-dimensionsla images. The main figure in the painting is three-dimensional, while the background is flat, with small classical Japanese paintings and gold cloud patterns. The contrast of a three-dimensional figure and the the flatness of the background is characteristic of McKee’s Style.

McKee has a BFA degree in painting from the University of Wyoming in the U.S. She opened her art studio in Colorado, and an online gallery in 2003.

“Kumiko McKee’s gift helps us all to understand the diversity and depth of Asian-Pacific American Culture,” said Aaron Bruce, director of RIC’s Unity Center. “Her contribution to the Unity Center is absolutely wonderful.”

The Unity Center

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