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January 31, 2007
ZAF622, Fort Collins Art Webzine, Issue #14
Interview #14: Kumiko S. McKee
By Scott Mastro
Kumiko is a Japanese contemporary artist living in Fort Collins who uses classical techniques to create realistic images that are partly abstract. Her paintings exhibit a high level of detail with finely rendered figures and complicated patterns. They are not only beautiful to look at, but contain individualized stories. That is what her website tells us. Scott Mastro interviewed her for ZAF622 to find out a bit more about this artist and what she is up to... Read more...

January 15, 2007
Journey, Women’s Magazine: Arts, Volume 1, Issue 4, January / February, 2007 (pages 12-13)
focal point: KUMIKO McKEE, ARTIST
By Kathy Bauer
When Kumiko McKee first came to our office to have reproductions made of her paintings, we were fascinated by this young woman’s energy, knowledge and talent. Her life so far has been a journey worthy of a film and I am delighted to share her story with you... Read more..


April 17, 2006
Pimp Your Life Around the World, Artist, Issue April 17, 2006
Für uns eine der Begabtesten Künstlerinnen dieser Zeit
By Patrick Rosenthal
S. McKee Kumiko wurde in Japan geboren und hat seit 1994 in den Vereinigten Staaten gelebt. Heute pendelt sie zwischen den USA und Japan. Sie eröffnete ihr Kunststudio und ihre online Galerie bereits 2003. Kumiko erlernte ihre wertvollen Fähigkeiten als sie noch Anzeigenkampagnen für eine Werbeagentur in Tokio entwarf und Kunden wie Yves Saint Laurent... weiter lesen...


September 27, 2005
The Anchor
Akashi Lady Graces Multicultural Center
Written by Victoria Enders Unity Center Student Worker/Public Relations Coordinator
When I first entered The Unity Center conference room at Rhode Island College, I was instantly blown away. In complete astonishment, I became overwhelmed by the power of the Akashi Lady. Forced to sit and absorb the magnitude of her detail, I was motivated to learn more about this woman. Who was she? What was her story? The Akashi Lady is an oil painting on masonite by artist extraordinaire Kumiko S. Mckee. At first glance, the painting shows an elegant Japanese woman dressed in a kimono and playing a violin-like instrument called a Biwa. Read more...

September 13, 2005
What’s News Rhode Island College (page 16)
Unity Center receives paintings from Bayoc, McKee
By Lauren Mesale '06, Staff Writer
Two original paintings by well-known artists Cbabi Bayoc and Kumiko McKee were recently donated to the College. Both are now on display in the Unity Center, located in the lower level of the Donovan Dining Center. Read more...

July 1, 2005
Digital Consciousness News, Issue 71. July 2005
Kumiko McKee
Kumiko McKee is the July 2005 Artist of the Month. Kumiko McKee is a contemporary artist based in the US. She has a BFA degree in painting and while she was a student, she received the Robert D. Coe Fine Arts Scholarship and was granted membership to the Golden Key National Honor Society. urrently she is working on two series of works called KOTO and Time on the Earth. The KOTO series contains The Tale of Genji, Noh Mask, and Gion, which are paintings based on Japanese culture. The Time on the Earth series contains paintings that combine figures and elements of the earth. Read more...


February 14, 2002
News Releases - UW Art Museum
Juried Student Art Show Winners Named
Feb. 14, 2002 -- More than $2000 was awarded to the winners of the 27th annual Juried Student Exhibition, which is on display at the University of Wyoming Art Museum through March 2. Kumiko McKee from Laramie took first place for the second consecutive year, and was awarded $300 for her painting, "Vision." Read more...


February 16, 2001
Wyoming Triune-Eagle “What’s Up”
(Page 12-13)
Western Art Redefined – UW Juried Show
By Karen Jansen Wyoming Tribune-Eagle entertainment writer
Western Art_Redefined – Visitors to the University of Wyoming’s Juried art collection will experience works that truly expand the popular nation of what constitutes Western art. The show runs through March 17 in the University of Wyoming Art Museum. Read more...

February 11, 2001
Laramie Daily Bommerang (page 16)
Juried student art show winners named
By Laramie Daily Boomerang
ART SHOW WINNER – Kumiko S. McKee of Laramie won the first place award in the annual Juried Student Art Exhibition at the University of Wyoming. Her painting, “Japanese Noh Theater Masks,” and other works in the exhibition can be see through March 17 at the UW Art Museum. Read more...

February 9, 2001
News Releases - UW Art Museum
Juried Student Art Show Winners Named
Feb. 9, 2001 -- More than $1600 was awarded to the winners of the 26th annual Juried Student Exhibition on display at the University of Wyoming Art Museum through Saturday, March 17. Kumiko S. McKee of Laramie took first place and was awarded $300 for her painting, "Japanese Noh Theater Masks." Read more...


February 18, 2000
The Branding Iron - “Blazing Saddles” (Page 10)
Images of Humans and Nature combined in Exhibition
By Lark Rambo BI Correspondent
Influenced by international travel, her Japanese upbringing and her move to Laramie, Kumiko McKee, a junior in art, has brought her unique blend of nature and human images to Gallery 234 in the Wyoming Union. Read more...


March 11, 1998
Laramie Daily Boomerang - 118th (Page 2)
Award-Winning Art Students
By Laramie Daily Boomerang
Students will discuss their award-winning artworks during a free gallery walk Thursday, March 12, at 7 p.m. at University of Wyoming Art Museum. Read more...